Friday, March 7, 2008

The Dustin Inman Society rallies against John McCain in Atlanta

A rally against the tireless amnesty advocate John McCain was held in Atlanta, GA on March 6th. It was organized by D.A. King of the Dustin Inman Society. Local patriots from the Georgia Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps were also present in numbers. John McAmnesty was here to attend the $1000 plate fundraiser at the Westin Hotel in Buckhead. While the Republican leadership tries to put on a unified face, the reality is that the party is divided over the illegal immigration issue. Both Bush and McCain have done tremendous damage to Republican unity as they continue their assault on our basic conservative principles. After 9/11 our Border Security should be top priority for ALL AMERICANS. Now we find the entrenched political forces are placing a priority on getting illegal immigrants into America by the millions instead. Why is that? The open border advocates claim that this is the American dream and they are just sharing it.

Part of the great American tradition is in fact just that. On the Statue of Liberty it is written, "Give me your tired and poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free". It is the essence of the America spirit. America shares that spirit with approximately 2 million new LEGAL immigrants every year. Some convincingly argue that even that is too many for us to absorb. You can only dissolve a certain amount of salt in a glass of water. After the water reaches it's point of saturation the salt is no longer absorbed. The melting pot of American culture can only take in so many immigrants during a certain period. It takes time before they are fully absorbed into American society. If this does not occur then the opposite happens. Our society starts to look like and resemble a foreign country - like Mexico for example. It could be transformed into just another third world country. The current president of Mexico, Carlderon has recently stated, "I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." I would surmise that that is precisely the problem. We don't want Mexico and all of it's third world mentality and corruption here in the United States.

The unfortunate reality is that Mexico is now exporting its problems to the United States. We have a real trade deficit here. There are neighborhoods in Atlanta that are completely overrun with illegals. Local Law enforcement is not equipped to deal with the volume of criminal activity in these neighborhoods and it is a drain on scare resources. Gangs and drugs run rampant. Citizens are murdered, raped, robbed and violated at an alarming rate. Drunk drivers prowl our streets. Our jails are occupied by over 30% of illegal alien criminals (and these just the ones we catch). Jobs are lost, wages are depressed. Schools and State and local social services are overwhelmed and list of the abuses of the American way of life goes on and on and on.

Where will it end? The open border advocates tell us that amnesty is the answer. Amnesty is a proven failure. The Reagan 1986 amnesty is proof of that. It laid the groundwork the for the problem that we have here today. They tell us comprehensive immigration reform is the answer. Really? How is that the answer? If we can't enforce our current immigration laws then how can we expect the government to enforce new ones? Any form of amnesty will only encourage more illegal immigration in the future. How will that bring America security? How can we share the American dream if it is destroyed by the violation of the legal process? Immigration laws exist for a reason. The inability of a government to enforce the law is the beginning of the failure of that government and that society. Laws are the framework and bulwark of any society. Our immigration laws are fair and generous. There is a process to change those laws. Allowing 35 million illegal immigrants into your country in not the process. Yes - that is the number that is estimated by those who are far more competent than our own government. Have you noticed that they have been using the 12 million number for many years now. We know that over 500,000 new illegal immigrants cross our southern border every year. So if they were being honest it would now be at least 14 million now. But the government is not honest and they have an agenda.

So what is that agenda? The answer is simple, follow the money. Who benefits from illegal immigration? Businesses do. Employers who save money on labor costs. Wall Street benefits and the world bankers benefit. The Council of Foreign relations benefits and McCain is a long time CFR member. So big business benefits and Americans pay the price. Meanwhile, politicians like McCain tell us that this is the American dream. Seems like a nightmare to me. I don't think this is what the founding fathers envisioned. I'm convinced they would be planning a new Boston Tea party to throw of the yoke of the oppressors who lie to us about the American dream. As a society we have becomes the slaves of our new masters on Wall street and Washington who they control. As a nation we are in debt and bankrupt. Debt is slavery and we are all slaves of the debt in America.

A good friend of mine recently stated to me that, "as the great-grandchild of immigrants I am happy to share the land, it was not mine to begin with." Actually this "our land" and we are responsible for it. Just how many terrorists is she willing to share the land with? How many gangs and drug cartels is she willing to share the land with? How many sexual predators and murderers and drunk drivers? As a mother of four children, you would think that she had some presence of mind about the security and future of our country. How are we going to share the American dream if we don't take care of it ourselves? The only way to secure the country is to have a secure border. The only way to have a secure border is to stop illegal immigration. The only way to stop illegal immigration is to build a fence and stop anybody that tries to cross it illegally. Enforcement of the law is also a necessary step. Any other proposal is a fraud. We lock our doors at night for security to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It should be no different at our border. It is the only way to protect our country and all that we hold dear. If we suffer another terrorist attack and the perpetrators entered the country across our southern border will people finally wake up? Just how many 9/11's do we need to suffer through?


I have heard John McCain talk about immigrants serving in our Armed Forces in Iraq. He interjects this argument as if it were a justification for amnesty and illegal immigration. But anybody that is serving in our military is a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. They are not here illegally. They came here legally and they should be lauded for serving. They should be granted citizenship for it as well. But you can't join the military if you are here illegally. It is a dishonest argument. He gets all emotional about it as if he were making some big point. It is just typical of the lies that come out of the mouth of the "straight talk express". I for one am sick and tired of the lies of politicians with ulterior motives. I'm sick and tired of politicians who serve the interests of Wall Street bankers. John McCain is one of those politicians.

Here are few more pictures from the rally.