Monday, November 5, 2007

Hillary Clinton - Smartest woman in the world?

In 1992 when confronted by the Flower's accusation of Bill's adulterous ways, Hillary said she wasn't a "stand by your man" kind of gal - but in 1998 there she was standing by her man who finally got caught red handed with Monica. Now she tells her Democratic rivals, "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." I find that very interesting because I never saw Hillary as a Betty Crocker type of gal either? I guess presidential ambitions trump the feminist liberation ideals of her formative liberal years at Wellesley. Long gone are the carefree braless summer days reading Lenin, Mao, and Friedan with Bill at Yale. Her political ambitions would also explain why she not only tolerated Bill's adultery but zealously defended him. He was after all her meal ticket to the Whitehouse. Now is that a marriage made in heaven, or hell?

Here is my simple question for Hillary. If you are so smart why are you taking a position on Spitzer's plan for legal drivers licences for illegals that according to a recent poll 77% of Americans are against? Well, she now admits, "I wasn't at my best the other night". So even the smartest woman in the world can have a bad night. But what was a bad night has now been extended into a bad week. According to Lou Dobbs recent polls have her plummeting 7% since the fateful debate when she was outed by the now reviled Tim Russert. Funny, I always thought of Russert was one of the good 'ol liberal boys in the media. He ought to be careful or he could end up swimming with the fishes like Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and James Macdougal, but I digress into the as yet unproven allegations that she had something to do with their convenient and untimely demise. Some say that Bill is the one that had them killed but I'll confess I've always seen the killer potential in Hillary. Cold hearted, cruel, calculating, corrupt, and cool headed are some of the more dominant characteristics I've seen in her over the years. And we have seen her lose her cool now haven't we!

Pandering to illegals and "immigration reform" is political suicide for any politician of either party in America today - Massachusetts Kennedy fans(morons) excepted. In her recent interview with Candy Crowley of CNN, she stubbornly defended her support of the issue. She ought to consult with immigration flip-flopper John (I never met an illegal I didn't like) McCain on just how unpopular an issue this is with the American people. It just killed his presidential bid. It will end hers too and rightfully so as it was during the Clinton years when illegal immigration went from a trickle to a flood. NAFTA, free trade and open borders were all Clinton policies. Free trade in humans too apparently "doing the work that Americans won't do." It is a losing issue of the ruling oligarchy of international bankers and business and the one world global elitists.

So you can't say she was just having a bad night. She is finally revealing her true chameleon nature. The veneer of her "noblesse oblige" has worn off. A chicken in every pot and $5000 for every baby. Flip flopping along like John Kerry and pandering to illegals like Bush. We already have a 'Panderer in Chief' in the Whitehouse. We don't need another. Within two minutes she was both for and against the Spitzer plan. Well, apparently now after consulting with her staff she has decided to come out for "immigration reform." Now there is a platform with real populist support! All I can say is, "you go girl." I'd also have to say she looked terrible tonight on CNN. With those baggy eyes, tight bitchy lips and strident tone she looked like she hadn't slept in a week. Apparently she has now forsaken the cleavage strategy that never could keep Bill's interest for a real winning issue like "immigration reform." She really hasn't got all that much going for her, with the exception of the MSM constantly lauding her and all that dirty campaign money being laundered through Chinatown. Who would have guessed that she was such a draw with Chinese immigrants that can't speak a lick of English. And just how does somebody making $10 dollars an hour come up with a $1000 political gift for Hillary anyway? That some sacrifice! A real widow's mite.

And to add more fuel to the fire Kathleen Willey, former Bill Clinton fan, wants to pile on to poor Hillary too with her new book accusing the Clintons of killing her husband? Wow, just how far will Bill go to get laid? Do I see a pattern here? Can anybody connect the dots? Oh, the injustice of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! Just how gullible are the Democrats? Just how desperate are they to return to power? Who could be dense enough to be fooled by this pair of Arkansas "white trash" love birds. But, there they go again and Bill's recent feeble attempt to defend his "wife" from being swiftboated seems to have backfired already. Oh - for the good old days when the Clintons could say anything and get away with it.

O.K., I admit it. I don't feel sorry for them at all! Does that now make me a part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Oh, I do hope so!

All I can say for Hillary is "You Go Girl"!

Lou Dobbs rags on both Hillary and the Democrats