Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Risks American Lives Open Border for Mexican Flu

"This is how we will create a North American consciousness and a true North American Community. It will be forged in the heat of conflict, not through a rational discussion, as painful as that may be. It really cannot happen any other way."- Bruce Stokes, CFR Senior Fellow, speaking at the "Toward a North American Community?" conference (June 11, 2002)
April 27, 2009 

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 703-0864 

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC calls on the Obama administration to immediately close the southern border and restrict all inbound air and ground traffic from Mexico to emergencies and product delivery immediately to protect American lives from the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak. 

"The Obama administration's failure to secure our borders against a possible pandemic is putting American lives at risk at a time when days and hours matter," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The weak and inadequate "passive surveillance" described during Sunday's press conference is offensive to the rational mind." 

Instead of advising American tourists not to travel to Mexico, or closing border crossings and air travel gates to essential travel only, the Obama administration is treating Mexico like a 51st state, instead of separate nation. 

ALIPAC is also critical of Obama administration's failure to appoint key leadership prior to this crisis. America is entering this crisis without a secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) or appointees in any of the department’s 19 key posts. President Barack Obama has not yet chosen a surgeon general or the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His choice to run the Food and Drug Administration awaits confirmation. 

"Obama was playing golf Sunday. Instead, he should have been addressing the nation, securing the borders, and filling the gaps in our government leadership from an emergency command center!" said William Gheen. "He refuses to send troops to the border to stop the violence from spilling over or the Mexican flu from crossing into America. Instead we get second tier bureaucrats telling Americans to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough like a bunch of 1st grade students." 

As was reported here: Obama was in Mexico and Obama's host on a meauseam tour died the day after he met Obama. So does Obama have swine flu or did he bring it with him? He meets with the guy and the next day he is dead! Perhaps Obama should be quarantined. Or maybe he has the antidote?

Even more disturbing is this story showing missing vials of weaponized flu from an Army Biolab? Is there a connection between these missing vials and an outbreak that coincides with Obama's visit to Mexico? Is this the crises Biden predicted? What does Biden know about this and when did he know it? Is it a CFR hatched plot to create a crises and then a false solution?

We are however reassured by the White house: 
John Brennan, White House homeland-security adviser, said there is “no evidence whatsoever” of bioterrorism.
OK. Yea, that makes me feel better. If there is no cause for alarm then why did the White House declare an emergency while Obama was golfing? We find our unlikely hero Obama out playing golf on Sunday while The European Union is issuing travel warnings and inspecting all people traveling to their countries from Mexico and the US. If they are then why aren't we doing the same?

Of coarse today Obama said the Swine flu outbreak "is not a cause for alarm." A global pandemic in the making - but it is not a cause for alarm? Neither was the bubonic plague Obama!

But the UN Chief apparently has a different take on the problem. Maybe he was not out playing golf on Sunday with Obama?

To add insult to injury now a strong earthquake has hit Mexico City sending office workers scrambling out of high rise buildings and into the street for safety. That should really help things down there - but as Obama said, "there is not a cause for alarm."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chris Simcox challenges McCain for his Senate seat

Here's some good news. It would poetic justice to see McAmnesty defeated by the founder of the Minutemen. McCain is one of the worst Republicans ever. He is no conservative. He is a CFR designated loser. He is a complete jackass. One of the most unpleasant experiences of my life was voting for this POS. Yeah I know, "he served our country." But you know what? That does not make him a great person or even a good person. Anyone that studied his service record know that he was a spoiled snot nosed jet jock that couldn't keep his planes in the air or his you know what in his pants..... 

Watch the left begin to gear up their racist rhetoric against Simcox. They have yet to discern the difference between anti-immigration and anti-illegal immigration. That is why I call them illegal aliens. I'm anti-illegal alien. I don't care what country your from. If your here illegally then you should be deported! A sovereign nation that controls its own borders and therefore it's own destiny is another concept lost on the confused left.

Good for you Chris. I hope you kick his ass - politically that is!

McCain facing 2010 primary

Social conservatives tolerated John McCain as the party's nominee, but never trusted him, and he now appears to be facing a serious primary from the right in Arizona next year.

Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and a prominent figure in the anti-immigration movement, will announcing tomorrow at an event on the Mexican border that he's resigned from the group to run in the 2010 Senate primary.

From a forthcoming release:

"John McCain has failed miserably in his duty to secure this nation's borders and protect the people of Arizona from the escalating violence and lawlessness," Simcox said. "He has fought real efforts over the years at every turn, opting to hold our nation's border security hostage to his amnesty schemes. Coupled with his votes for reckless bailout spending and big government solutions to our nation's problems, John McCain is out of touch with everyday Arizonans. Enough is enough."

McCain was forced to abandon his own immigration reform legislation during last year's Republican Primary, a move that may have cost him substantial Hispanic support to which his record could have given him access.

So he's basically getting it from both sides on this one.

Simcox, with a national base and a high profile on the right, is well positioned to give McCain a serious local headache. He'll find some allies among the conservatives who recently took over the Arizona Republican Party from McCain's allies, and he has a national fundraising base.