Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clinton damage control imposes its will on Gov. Spitzer

I read the following article with a certain amount of amusement. These politicians are such slow learners. Apparently the Clinton people realized this issue was spiraling out of control. That we could only be so fortunate. Damage control Clinton style. Having waffled on the issue at the debate, she then committed herself to supporting Sptizer's plan to give illegal aliens drivers licences in New York so they could register to vote for her in 2008. Now that has proven to be a disaster for her poll numbers in Iowa. So the only solution was to get Spitzer to back off his plan and eat some humble pie. They hope it will all blow over and the issue will fade. Wrong again Hillary! This is not the Iraq where you can vote against it after you voted for it. This is the critical issue for America. Are we going to be a sovereign nation of many sovereign states or are we going to import millions of slave laborers from Mexico to mow our lawns and pick our lettuce?

She has shown clearly that she is for immigration reform. That means she is for importing slave laborers and giving them voting rights. The high reproduction rate of illegals insures the Democrats a majority at the voting booths across America. This is an inherent liability the gay lobby has not been able to overcome. Those gay couples don't reproduce very fast - go figure. And the no children urban yuppies don't help either. So it is obvious why panders like Hillary are falling over themselves trying to get illegal immigrant voting rights. I can only hope Wolf Blizter has enough courage not to be intimidated by the Clinton people. Hillary has existed in a bubble since she first entered the national political scene in 1992. The press essentially acts as her personal staff doing their best to make her look professional. She is know by those who have worked for her as a tyrant. The recent revelations of her planting questions in Townhall meetings and the mysterious generosity of poor Chinese immigrants have added to the recent bad smell of her campaign. It takes a village of idiots to still believe that Hillary is an honest straight forward person that represents some real hope for change in America. Apparently they have quite a few of those villages in Iowa and Hew Hampshire.

I can't help but wonder what was said to Spitzer to get him to back off this plan. Perhaps she sent him a picture of Vince Foster with a note that said, "think about it". Alas, we will probably never know the truth. Obviously he is their own personal political lapdog. In fact it was probably her people that got Spitzer to initiate the plan to get illegals registered to vote in New York for her in 2008. Bill has been very little political help for her. It seems the late nights of coke and women are finally taking their toll on Bill's wits and nose! I look forward to the debate in Vegas, only to see if she has manages to intimidate all those "boys" in the press and media. We can only hope that what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. I'm hoping for another performance like she had in Philly. She is starting to show some real weaknesses in her ability to handle some real political pressure. If the rest of the Democratic contenders are smart they will continue to gang up on her. Not that Barack O'bomber and pretty boy Edwards represent any kind of real alternative for America either. But if Russert or Blizter don't show up for work next week she will the number one suspect on my list!


And poor Hillary Clinton still can't make up her mind. This latest statement completely contradicts what she told Candy Crowley of CNN just one week ago! The US Senate just took the biggest drubbing ever by the American people on this issue and she still doesn't get it? If she hadn't been so busy running fior president she might have learned something by the defeat of Shamnesty.
Clinton Says No to Licenses for Illegals
Nov 14, 5:26 PM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday came out against granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, after weeks of pressure in the presidential race to take a position on a now-failed ID plan from her home state governor.
Clinton has faced criticism from candidates in both parties for her noncommittal answers on New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's attempt to allow illegal immigrants in his state to receive driver's licenses. Spitzer abandoned the effort Wednesday.
"I support Governor Spitzer's decision today to withdraw his proposal," Clinton said in a statement. "As president, I will not support driver's licenses for undocumented people and will press for comprehensive immigration reform that deals with all of the issues around illegal immigration including border security and fixing our broken system."
Clinton stumbled when asked about the issue during a Democratic debate two weeks ago, and her new position comes the day before another debate where opponents are expected to raise the issue again.
Rival campaigns made clear they were not letting go of the issue.

What a joke she is!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Local 287g enforcement works in Georgia

The following video shows that the Sheriff Dept in Cobb County, GA is having some success doing the job that Chertoff and the Dept of Homeland insecurity won't do. While the illegal alien lobbies cry wolf, the fact is that enforcement of the law is effective. If the Law was enforced uniformly throughout the country, illegal aliens would soon find that the big candy store north of the border called the U.S.A., is not such a hospitable place to "migrate too". Mexico will have to learn to fix their own problems instead of exporting them to America.

287 g - Georgia Sheriff acts on illegal immigration

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hillary Clinton - Smartest woman in the world?

In 1992 when confronted by the Flower's accusation of Bill's adulterous ways, Hillary said she wasn't a "stand by your man" kind of gal - but in 1998 there she was standing by her man who finally got caught red handed with Monica. Now she tells her Democratic rivals, "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." I find that very interesting because I never saw Hillary as a Betty Crocker type of gal either? I guess presidential ambitions trump the feminist liberation ideals of her formative liberal years at Wellesley. Long gone are the carefree braless summer days reading Lenin, Mao, and Friedan with Bill at Yale. Her political ambitions would also explain why she not only tolerated Bill's adultery but zealously defended him. He was after all her meal ticket to the Whitehouse. Now is that a marriage made in heaven, or hell?

Here is my simple question for Hillary. If you are so smart why are you taking a position on Spitzer's plan for legal drivers licences for illegals that according to a recent poll 77% of Americans are against? Well, she now admits, "I wasn't at my best the other night". So even the smartest woman in the world can have a bad night. But what was a bad night has now been extended into a bad week. According to Lou Dobbs recent polls have her plummeting 7% since the fateful debate when she was outed by the now reviled Tim Russert. Funny, I always thought of Russert was one of the good 'ol liberal boys in the media. He ought to be careful or he could end up swimming with the fishes like Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and James Macdougal, but I digress into the as yet unproven allegations that she had something to do with their convenient and untimely demise. Some say that Bill is the one that had them killed but I'll confess I've always seen the killer potential in Hillary. Cold hearted, cruel, calculating, corrupt, and cool headed are some of the more dominant characteristics I've seen in her over the years. And we have seen her lose her cool now haven't we!

Pandering to illegals and "immigration reform" is political suicide for any politician of either party in America today - Massachusetts Kennedy fans(morons) excepted. In her recent interview with Candy Crowley of CNN, she stubbornly defended her support of the issue. She ought to consult with immigration flip-flopper John (I never met an illegal I didn't like) McCain on just how unpopular an issue this is with the American people. It just killed his presidential bid. It will end hers too and rightfully so as it was during the Clinton years when illegal immigration went from a trickle to a flood. NAFTA, free trade and open borders were all Clinton policies. Free trade in humans too apparently "doing the work that Americans won't do." It is a losing issue of the ruling oligarchy of international bankers and business and the one world global elitists.

So you can't say she was just having a bad night. She is finally revealing her true chameleon nature. The veneer of her "noblesse oblige" has worn off. A chicken in every pot and $5000 for every baby. Flip flopping along like John Kerry and pandering to illegals like Bush. We already have a 'Panderer in Chief' in the Whitehouse. We don't need another. Within two minutes she was both for and against the Spitzer plan. Well, apparently now after consulting with her staff she has decided to come out for "immigration reform." Now there is a platform with real populist support! All I can say is, "you go girl." I'd also have to say she looked terrible tonight on CNN. With those baggy eyes, tight bitchy lips and strident tone she looked like she hadn't slept in a week. Apparently she has now forsaken the cleavage strategy that never could keep Bill's interest for a real winning issue like "immigration reform." She really hasn't got all that much going for her, with the exception of the MSM constantly lauding her and all that dirty campaign money being laundered through Chinatown. Who would have guessed that she was such a draw with Chinese immigrants that can't speak a lick of English. And just how does somebody making $10 dollars an hour come up with a $1000 political gift for Hillary anyway? That some sacrifice! A real widow's mite.

And to add more fuel to the fire Kathleen Willey, former Bill Clinton fan, wants to pile on to poor Hillary too with her new book accusing the Clintons of killing her husband? Wow, just how far will Bill go to get laid? Do I see a pattern here? Can anybody connect the dots? Oh, the injustice of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! Just how gullible are the Democrats? Just how desperate are they to return to power? Who could be dense enough to be fooled by this pair of Arkansas "white trash" love birds. But, there they go again and Bill's recent feeble attempt to defend his "wife" from being swiftboated seems to have backfired already. Oh - for the good old days when the Clintons could say anything and get away with it.

O.K., I admit it. I don't feel sorry for them at all! Does that now make me a part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Oh, I do hope so!

All I can say for Hillary is "You Go Girl"!

Lou Dobbs rags on both Hillary and the Democrats

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Peter Schiff says 3.9% economic growth baloney

While I am usually reticent to write about economic matters in detail. Lacking a degree in economics and having only a elementary understanding of investment strategies I am hesitant to wade into this morass. In reality however only a little common sense is required to see the dire state of our economy and country. Those with the degrees are themselves the ones that have created this mess over the last 40 years. The masters of economics theories that are tethered only to an unprincipled lust for profit.

The recent announcement of a 3.9% economic growth in the third quarter by our government seemed more than a little suspect to me. I have mentioned my concerns to many about our economic problems for months. In faithful conservative Republican circles I am often greeted with derision and hubris for even daring to mention that we are headed for some economic rough going in the not so distant future. As if the economy were itself some animated god impervious to the obvious laws of nature. Immune to the of cause and effect of mankind. Epithets like commie and socialist are often directed at me by the standard knee jerk Republican reaction to any type of real thought about our disastrous free trade and economic strategies. Some educated and some uninformed, all displaying a naive faith in an economic dogma that itself is flawed. Meanwhile, America's middle class bears the burden on their way to foreclosure. The American dream is being bankrupted by destructive and foolish deficit economic strategies that only benefit the fat cats on Wall street. And soon they too will have to pay the piper.

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capitol recently wrote an article detailing just how ludicrous the government claim of recent economic growth is. By fudging the inflation index they are able to claim growth in our economy that in reality is in recession. By any objective indicator our economy is shrinking not growing. So if the government thinks they can prop up this deficit economy with false numbers they are only fooling themselves and those still believe in our own government. Who on earth would still be that gullible and naive?

I will post his entire article since he explains our economic situation much better than I can.

The US Commerce Department’s latest numbers are meaningless
By:Peter Schiff

Yesterday, as the US dollar fell to new record lows and oil and gold prices surged to new highs, the US Commerce Department delivered meaningless government data that managed to report the lowest US inflation in the last half century. Wall Street was hardly fooled.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by 390 points, or 2.6 percent, to be followed down by Asian markets today. According to Bloomberg, the Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia-Pacific Index lost 1.3 percent to 170.10 as of 9:30 a.m. in Tokyo, falling from a record. The Nikkei 225 Stock Average declined 1.9 percent to 16,554.02. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 Index dropped from a high. All markets open for trading retreated

These bizarre numbers were integral in allowing the Commerce Department to report 3.9 percent annualized GDP growth in the third quarter, which was heralded by the bulls as evidence that a resilient U.S. economy had shrugged off the problems in the housing and mortgage markets. However, the government’s ability to make “economic growth” magically appear is based purely on statistical finesse.

To arrive at this rate, the government had to assume that inflation during the quarter ran at an annualized rate of .8 percent (that’s less than 1 percent). That is the lowest rate of inflation used to calculate U.S. GDP since the Eisenhower administration. With oil priced at almost $100 per barrel, gold futures trading over $800 per ounce, the dollar hitting record lows, and the Fed printing money like it is going out of style, the government has the nerve to claim that current inflation is the lowest it has been in half a century. Unbelievable!

Just in case there is some confusion, the government adjusts nominal GDP gains using the GDP deflator, which represents the inflation rate during the time period being measured. This is done to strip inflation out of the GDP calculation so that only real growth gets counted: not nominal gains that result purely from inflation.

The consensus estimate for 3rd quarter GDP growth was 3.4 percent. The reason we beat that number was that the government adjusted the nominal 4.7 percent gain by a mere .8 percent. Had the government assumed a higher rate of inflation, say 2.6 percent (identical to the rate used to deflate second quarter GDP,) the 3rd quarter gain would have been only 2.1 percent, well shy of the consensus forecast. My guess is that inflation is actually running at an annualized rate closer to 10 percent. Therefore using a more honest deflator, the U.S. economy is actually contracting, which would explain the recent anecdotal evidence provided by various economic polls, voter dissatisfaction and consumer sentiment numbers. In fact, if one simply measures U.S. GDP using gold or any other currency, it is clear that we are already in a recession.

Similar illusions are created in other numbers, such as retail sales, corporate earnings, and stock prices, which are all rising merely as a result of actual inflation being higher than the official reports. For example, higher retail sales reflect consumers paying higher prices for the products that they buy. They may in fact be buying less stuff, but are paying more for it. Further, part of the gains result from tourists using their appreciated foreign currencies to buy products cheaper here than they can in the own countries. I have heard about Canadians checking into U.S. hotels with empty suitcases, crossing the border to indulge in weekend shopping sprees.

Corporate earnings, particularly those of multi-nationals, are padded as their foreign currency denominated earnings translate into more dollars when those earnings are repatriated. However, such gains are illusions, as companies merely earn more dollars of diminished value for the goods they sell. The actual volume of exports does not necessarily improve much, as evidenced by weak industrial production and manufacturing employment. When those additional debased dollars are paid out as dividends, they confer no real increase in global purchasing power to shareholders.

Similarly, just as inflation causes prices to rise for goods and services it causes stock prices to rise as well. Though such gains may be less than the actual increase in the cost of living, as long as the government gets away with using bogus CPI numbers which fail to fully reflect inflation, Wall Street takes credit for nominal gains as if they were real.

However, as ridiculous as the phony GDP number was, yesterday’s biggest joke was a report on global competitiveness put out by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which ranked the U.S. economy as the world’s most competitive. To arrive at this conclusion, the forum has obliterated the obvious under a mountain of theory. In determining country rankings, the WEF weighed strengths in their "12 Pillars of Competitiveness", including: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market sophistication, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation. Completely ignored however are the measurable results of competitiveness, notably a trade surplus and a strong currency.

It is as if the WEF decided to judge a weight loss contest without using a scale, by instead focusing only on mental attitude, dedication, perseverance, and nutritional education! As a result the prize is awarded to the fattest contestant. Based on the empirical evidence of a gargantuan trade deficit, staggering global indebtedness, and a declining currency, the United States is clearly not the most competitive economy in the world.

I saw Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck last week. Here is the recording.