Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Bible belt nominates lame John McCain

In a another stunning development southern evangelicals turn out to vote for Huckabee. In doing so they in effect guaranteed John McCain the Republican nomination. By siphoning off the vote that in my opinion should have gone to Romney they have rendered his candidacy virtually dead. Huckabee will eventually concede and perhaps for the VP spot give his delegates to McCain. Southern conservatives have been had once again by the politics of deception. Their voting power has been neutralized as an effective voting block. Now they will have to line up behind McCain in a general election but in the end Hillary will win.

There are many conservatives like myself who will never vote for McCain. What are we to do? Vote for Hillary? You notice I didn't say Obama because I don't believe the Clintons will let him win the nomination - even if they have to kill him. Of coarse they will make it look like the Republicans killed him just like they tried to blame Oklahoma on the vast right wing conspiracy. I do not wish this to happen for Obama. I've actually grown to like the guy even if I completely disagree with his politics.

The conspiracy here is not with the vast right wing but it originates in the CFR. Huckabee is a CFR guy as is McCain. I don't know about Romney - may he is, maybe he isn't. Reagan wasn't a CFR guy but he was surrounded by them. Clinton and Obama both are. So we have three open border amnesty CFR candidates left in the race. Soon it will only be two. One thing is for certain. We will soon have a new Panderer in Chief in the White House and the CFR will be still running our government. Now that is some real change!

As of Romney's announcement today I have suspend my affiliation with the Republican party. I cannot support a party that nominates a pretend conservative like John McCain. He is as big a joke as George Bush was. Folks we've been had. I will become an independent. If a candidate better than Bloomberg does not appear I shall have to vote for a democrat. I will never vote for McCain as president. He is an lying emotionally unstable illegal pandering psycho. He will never win a general election. That is another reason the MSM have endorsed him. He will be as easy to beat as Bob Dole was in '96.

Thanks to Dan over at Digger's Realm for putting this video together!